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He gives you purpose and makes life worth living. What a wonderful hope!

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We believe in the power of prayer.

Both privately and corporate. Jesus promised us in his Work that if we would pray, he would hear us. It does not mean He will give us what we want. We have to pray according to his will.  When our desires line up with His will it becomes a dynamic for answers to our prayers. Any answers to your prayers lately? 


What an awesome God we serve!

HIS NAME IS JESUS. He is a wonderful savior, healer, friend, and Lord. Knowing him is like a little of Heaven here on earth. He will fill your life with Righteousness, Joy and peace. The more abundant life! He gives you purpose and makes life worth living. What a wonderful hope! 


Baptism in Jesus Name

We believe baptism is by emersion in water, administered in Jesus name, and for the remission of sins,  It is essential to ones salvation! This is what the Bible teaches  Acts 2:28,  8:38 It is the only way the early church in the book of acts baptized their believers.   

In baptism we take on the family name of Jesus. We are Identifying with Christ’s burial  Rom. 6:3,4   We rise from the waters of baptism a brand new creature in Christ jesus. This new person serves the Lord in righteous living and is no longer a servant to sin. Rom 6:6

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Marriage Services



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Funeral & Burial

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February 2023 Mission News

We are all familiar with Valentines day, a day we commemorate by spending time with our significant other, and showing them our love and affection from them, but did you know that no matter how Read more…

What is Pentecost?

Pentecost is not a denomination. It is a “new birth” experience! It is Christianity relevant in today’s world. The people referred to as “Pentecostal” simply believe, teach, and receive all that transpired on the birthday Read more…

To God Be the Glory

Our world is experiencing a time of uncertainty. We believe that we are in the period of time the Bible describes as “the last days” (Matthew 24). Everything that can be shaken, is being shaken. Read more…

Nashwaak Valley Pentecostal Church

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